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10 Ways to make an extra $1000 a month from home.

I want an easy way to make an extra $1000 a month from home.

    1. Affiliate Marketing

    The basic idea is this: you find an online course that you think people would be interested in. Like, "How to make money on the stock market" or "How to play poker well" or "How to start a business".

    2. Find a good course and write a review of it.

    Then go to the website of the course creator and say, "I want to promote this course as an affiliate. I will get a percentage for every person who buys it after clicking my link." The site owner will then give you a special link that only works for you.

    3. Write up your review of the course using your affiliate link embedded in it.

    For instance, if you are writing about how to play poker well, maybe you can write, "10 Tips from Pros on How to Play Poker Well" with embedded links like this: 10 tips from Annie Duke (a famous pro)1 2how she thinks about poker3 etc4 Then send out tweets like this.

    4. Every time someone buys through your link you get a percentage of the sale

    Maybe 20%
    So if they buy $100 worth of courses and use your special affiliate link then you make $20 off that sale
    Now do that every day for several months and see what happens
    Here's an example of someone making money with affiliate marketing: https://www5

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