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10 Ways To Make Mail Fun Again

I'm tired of bills and ads. I want mail to be enjoyable

    1. Start sending funny post cards to friends and family

    They'll love it and maybe join in on the fun

    2. Join something like Send Out Cards

    Allows you to customize cards and mail then send it out fast

    3. Send funny items in the mail

    If I understand correctly, as long as you can attach postage and an address, the post office will deliver it. So I'd like to send funny items like a rubber snake or a painted rock with a funny message attached

    4. Send treats

    brownies of cookies maybe? Would they survive the post?

    5. Send picture collages each month to family

    I'm moving pretty far away from my family. I think a monthly or even quarterly update with photos would help keep my family close

    6. Send something short that you would normally send in a text message but do it by mail

    I'd laugh if someone did this for me

    7. Find a pen pal

    Does this even exist anymore?

    8. Mail a box that's really hard to open

    Cover in layers of tape or maybe even a trick box that's made like a puzzle

    9. Send a drink and tell the person receiving it to call so you can enjoy a drink together while talking

    10. Take a picture with people at events, then mail them the pic, letting them know your thoughts of the event, thanking a host, or whatever

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