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10 Ways to Make Money with Tarot (not being a professional reader)

agggghh.. I have so many ideas all of the time. Tarot has become popular during the pandemic. People have no idea what is going to happen from day to day and they want a way to predict or to cope. I don't think Tarot is necessarily a perfect predictive tool but it can really help you evaluate things and make decisions. I pull cards every day and more often than not they are pretty spot on. Here are 10 ways to make money with Tarot Cards that isn't being a professional reader.

There is a big community of Tarot People. Some like it because of the artistry, a way to talk with God or a way to relieve anxiety.

    1. Untapped like App

    There are 1000's of different Tarot Decks out there. Probably 1,000 being created right now. They are really cool too. I want a way to catalog the decks I have seen and like remind myself of why I don't like certain decks. They always try to pull you in by showing the best card in the deck but then the rest of them aren't as great. There is an app called Indie Goes for Oracle Decks. It's nice but not what I was thinking.

    2. Swipe Right App

    Independent card creators or companies can post pictures of their card on an app that is like Tinder. You can swipe through them. It can create a catalog of likes and not likes.

    3. Sell by Card

    I am very picky when it comes to Tarot Decks that I buy. The cover picture on most of most of them are AMAZING! That's about it. Independent creators and companies could make more money selling a single card rather than the whole deck. There was a deck created that is like this and it's really cool. It's also really expensive. The average deck that I have bought is $30. That's like not even 50 cents a card. I could see people selling each card for $1. It would be through a single site and you could customize the back of the card. It would be so fun.

    4. Music App for Tarot

    Some readers will have music playing in the background while giving readings. The music playing often matches with the reading being given. Some people will just hit random shuffle on their music app and the first song that pops up is exactly what is going on or what they needed to hear. It would be cool if Tarot Readers could make Playlists for each card in the deck. On the home page you could click on each card and see what songs most people have chosen for the card. Have your deck playlist on shuffle when giving a reading and see what pops up.

    I was walking home from Starbucks and started mine.. :) I guess my playlist right now is a Wands playlist

    Style by Taylor Swift- Page of Wands

    High Hopes by Panic at the Disco- The Star

    Let it Be by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line- The Hanged Man

    Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars- Knight of Wands

    People might not be visual they might be more auditory..

    5. Challenge/ Pull a Card a Day Journal

    I pull cards everyday and I LOVE CHALLENGES! Each card can have a challenge associated with that day. Take the 10 of Swords. The challenge I would suggest is. How can you be more vulnerable? At the end of the day come back and write down 10 ways you opened up to people. Suggestions: call up someone you admire and tell them., If you see someone having a rough day share your own rough experiences and tell that you understand...


    6. Tarot Photo Album

    I originally saw this as a paper journal but now I see it as an app. Shuffle the deck and pick a card that will represent a friend. I have one friend who is the 6 of cups. If I pull that card I know that I will have a conversation with him that day. Sometimes I forget who different people represent in my deck. It's a nice way to keep track.

    7. Create a Card a Day Journal

    I often think I want to create my own deck. I have no idea how to get started. I picture this as a paper journal. Each day has a black page with for rectangles representing cards. The page next to it is a word association page. It includes all of the words associated with that card. After a meditation you can sit down and fill out what images you associate with that word. I think it will help.

    8. Card Pull App for the senses

    As I was coming up with my ideas I tried to think of all of the senses and how to incorporate them. There are card a day apps out there but mine would give ideas on things to do that day. It will give you suggestions on how to increase the energy of that card for the day... burn certain candles, use particular scents, eat something that will encourage it. A journal entry for that day. Songs for that day.


    9. Tarot Recipe Book

    78 recipes for 78 cards. I am not a huge cook but this could be interesting.

    10. A Blog all about Cards and Associations

    Articles like : What state is each card? Businesses and what the cards are? What card would target be?

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