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10 ways to permanently destroy professional connections beyond repair.

Passive-aggressive ways to ensure excessive stress, financial hardship, and personal crises. Dig a hole that it will take a miracle to get out of.

    1. Say yes, when you mean no.

    Then don't do what you agreed to do.

    2. Do what you agreed to do.

    But do it in a slip-shod begrudging way.

    3. Don't reply to emails or other attempts do follow up on the status of what you agreed to do.

    4. Keep your voicemail box full and don't answer the phone.

    5. If someone does manage to reach you, lie about the status of the work.

    This will rob the client/manager of the chance to get somebody else to do the work.

    6. Get lost in addictive behaviors.

    You have plenty of time to kill since you are not doing the work.

    7. Start a fun new side project that has nothing to do with what you committed to doing.

    You need some way to feed your need to accomplish something.

    8. Hide from friends and family.

    You will need to isolate yourself to hide the fact that you are spiraling out of control from those who might want to intervene.

    9. Celebrate for no reason.

    Go ahead and have a cigar of a glass of fine scotch. Visualize yourself having earned that leisure. Then eat ramen for dinner.

    10. Discount and undercharge for everything.

    This should have been #1. You will grow to resent what you are not fairly compensated for.

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