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10 Ways to Practice Sketching Styles I Want to Emulate

I started sketching visuals in January, thanks to Laura Evans-Hill (https://twitter.com/EvansNifty), who was part of that month's Ship 30 for 30 writing cohort.

These are ideas to practice emulating the styles I'm most drawn to. Below is an example of something I made, but it's not quite the style I want to continue with!


    1. Upload snapshots of visuals I like into Procreate and trace over them

    Only for my personal practice! I'll get a feel for the kinds of strokes and brushes they most likely used.

    2. Recreate a sketch without tracing over it.

    3. Make a new brush set in Procreate called "Mentor Brushes" and save brushes they use there.

    4. Add "Steal 1 Sketch" as an item on my Daily Habits list.

    5. Choose 1 person's style to practice with for a week or month.

    6. Choose 1 element to practice with every day for a month

    I got this idea from Campbell Walker, known as Struthless, in a YouTube video about the best drawing advice he received:

    7. Make a list of individual techniques an artist uses that I could practice with.

    8. Do a sketch incorporating an element or technique from several people's styles all together.

    9. Make a Pinterest board to collect examples of the sketching styles I like.

    To do this I need to find out what the styles are named first. Naming them will help to know what it is I'm looking for.

    10. Practice sketching with pencil & paper.

    I'm drawn to sketches with an imperfect pencil/charcoal look to them. Drawing with analog tools is a way to practice this realistically.

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