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10 ways to save money by using what you already have

    1. Regularly review what's in your fridge, freezer, pantry, etc.

    These are things you have bought, stored, and may have forgot about.

    2. See what different memberships give you

    Your library membership for example may give you access to apps, services and other discounts you aren't aware of

    3. See what perks or benefits your company offers

    For example, my company gives employees access to perkopolis

    4. Before you buy, see if there's something around your house you can use

    I ran out of storage containers so instead of buying more storage, I got rid of old items in storage containers so I could use those boxes.

    5. Leftovers are great

    Don't feel like you have to eat everything on your plate. Or if you order food at a restaurant, get half packed to go before you start eating.

    6. Share with others

    Instead of buying the lawnmower, can you borrow your neighbours? Or if you need a special tool, maybe you can swap a tool you have with a neighbours?

    7. Don't have money for a gym membership?

    Use the local park / playground as a training ground

    8. Consider what your current memberships give you

    For example, an annual membership to my local science centre gives me access to other science centres

    9. Are you a pack rat?

    You probably have something stowed away you don't know about. Do regular spring cleaning to review what you have, throw away things that have expired, and to re-organize items so you know exactly where they are

    10. Can you get more use out of something?

    This is where Uber and AirBnB came about. Is there something expensive you own that you're not using? A parking space you don't need in a desirable area? An expensive tool? Is there a way you can 'rent' it out?

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