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10 Ways to Save Mother Earth

    1. Take a walk outside every day

    Walking outside connects me to nature, I especially like to walk in the early morning when birds are chirping.

    2. Grow some of your own food-even if it’s as little as some herbs in pots on your window sill.

    It's not rocket science, humans have been putting seeds in the dirt and growing food since the Stone Age. planting a vegetable garden makes me responsible for some of my and my family's sustenance, not relying solely on distant farmers and a supply chain. Community gardens are great if you don't have a yard or a sunny balcony.

    3. When you can, buy as much food as possible from a farmer’s market.

    If you can't grow your own produce or raise your own meat and dairy, buying these prodicts from a farmer's market brings you much closer to your food than buying it packaged in a grocery store, or pre-made from a restaurant. It's also so much better tasting when it's fresh.

    4. Compost.

    You may not be able to do this in a city without certain equipment. But if you have a yard, or community garden available, you can throw away a much smaller amount than if you were to toss food waste into the trash. Bins and worms are not necessary,; a compost pile you turn every few weeks works fine.

    5. If you eat meat, hunt or go fishing. Or visit a farm nearby that raises and slaughters on site. If you eat eggs and have space, raise a few hens.

    Factory farmed animals vs locally harvested. If it makes you squeamish, then maybe don't eat animals if you're not willing to consider that the steak or chicken breast in the styrofoam and plastic wrap package at the grocery store comes from what had been a living breathing animal. Chickens are very easy to keep and provide not only eggs, but also manure that's super for the compost you can then use on your garden (see above).

    6. Conserve resources- turn off lights, don’t let water run.

    7. Don’t buy an electric vehicle.

    The rare earth minerals required for the batteries is environmentally costly, and the electricity you must purchase to power the cars is often generated by petroleum products, they're just farther down the chain than pumping gas directly into your car. And the government subsidies that make electric vehicles seem a good idea are an inappropriate transfer of government resources (from the general public mostly to people who don't need subsidies).

    8. Support extraction of natural resources like rare earth minerals, petroleum, timber, on U.S. federally-owned land.

    It may sound counter-intuitive. But we need these resources, and being dependent on other countries, especially those that are hostile to U.S. national interests is dangerous. Appropriately managed extraction by private companies strengthens our national security, while reducing the need to transport resources we require from across the globe. Just as individuals benefit from self reliance, so does our country.

    9. Support public environmental policies that contain exclusions for small businesses, and permit smaller-scale environmental solutions.

    Small businesses produce 45% of the U.S. GDP, but environmental regulations that small businesses cannot follow hurts those businesses, reduces investment in the economy and hurts overall U.S. competitiveness. Instead of policies focused on outcome-reduce emissions by X%~support policies that permit smaller scale changes for smaller companies. This will encourage a marketplace of new solutions to environmental issues.

    10. Support nuclear power

    Solar and wind are great, but not efficient sources of large scale power. Nuclear power is carbon-free and can produce large amounts of energy. Reducing the regulatory burden on the nuclear sector can result in greater energy independence for the U.S. and increased innovation in nuclear power safety. As a leader in R&D, we can then export safe nuclear power technology so that other countries can reduce their carbon emissions, and their dependence on countries with interests adverse to ours.

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