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10 ways to see my average day in a more positive light

I feel like all I do is sigh and complain all day. I need to find the light. I had a few kids tell me today. "You know ms.katie it's not nice to yell at kids"

    1. Exercise

    I was worried I wouldn't get exercise in this week. I got 11k steps in before noon. That's good.

    2. Making it easy makes it easy

    These kids don't need to be at the level of private school kids. Their curriculum is set up for survival. I can just show up and play playdough with them. They dont want to listen to the story.. ok.. gym time.

    3. Learn to surrender more

    When you think you've surrendered.. surrender more. That's the new goal.

    4. It's not boring.

    My day is far from boring.

    5. I don't need to be in the classroom with all the runny noses

    I can be just chasing one kid around.

    6. I've gotten better at defensive basketball skills

    You know hands up you can't touch the other player but you have to block them from the basket. Same thing. Block them from the door.

    7. No time to snack

    If I am chasing a kid around.. I don't have time to snack. On days when It's chill I eat like 15 crackers between breakfast and lunch. Today I had like 2.

    8. Fall asleep easier at night

    All of that running around makes a girl sleepy

    9. My new anti anxiety meds helped my nails grow

    I have longer nails and I LOVE THEM! I just got dip nails today. I have never have before. Feels good. A little too square but it's ok.

    10. My weekends feel even better

    The weeks are hard but the weekends feel amazing because of it.

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