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10 ways to slow your day down

    1. Meditation

    10 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever you have time for though in my experience, the less time you have, the more you need to meditate.

    2. Follow a toddler

    Do whatever they do. Follow them everywhere they go.

    3. Box breathing

    Breathe for four seconds in. Hold for four seconds. Breathe for four seconds out. Hold for four seconds. Repeat.

    4. Do the hard things when your focus is highest

    Usually the mornings

    5. Binaural beats

    There are free channels on Youtube - and I don't know how it works but it does

    6. Play lo-fi chill music

    I like music without lyrics - it's too difficult to listen to music with lyrics when writing

    7. Build your focus slowly

    Concentrate for 5 minutes. Then for 10. Then build from there. Focus is a muscle you can build.

    8. Find something you like

    Maybe you're in a meeting where you have to focus. Find a way to contribute.

    9. Natural light

    As much as possible, work in natural light. It helps to heighten your senses and get you out of the sleep funk.

    10. Change your mindset

    If you think you're the kind of person who can't focus, stop thinking that way. Think of yourself as the most focused person in the world. Then start slowing your day down.

    11. Bonus: Set an intention

    Brendon Burchard recommends setting an intention before every activity. For example, before coming home from work and you're sitting in your car in your garage, you set an intention for what you want your home life to be. Or if you have a few minutes before a tough meeting, set an intention for how you want the meeting to go and what kind of person you have to be to get that outcome.

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