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10 ways to slowly change your mind

    1. Order something different at a restaurant

    Ask the waiter and order what the most popular dish is and the dish that the chef believes is good but people don't order enough.

    2. Go into a section of the supermarket you've never been before. Buy something you've never tried.

    3. Mix ingredients in a smoothie you've never mixed before.

    Avoid throwing up and add a little bit to something you know already is good (e.g., ginger to a green smoothie or garlic to a strawberry smoothie)

    4. Go to your local rec centre and drop in on a class

    Could be dance, bushido, yoga

    5. At a bookstore, buy a magazine in a topic you don't normally read about

    6. Go to reddit and visit a random subreddit

    7. Go to a local used bookstore and ask for recommendations

    Buy and read one of the recommendations

    8. Go to a trusted friend and ask them if they would be interested in swapping books

    Pick a book you think they would like and they pick a book they think you would like. Swap, read and exchange takeaways.

    9. Bake a big cake, pastries, cookies or something sharable.

    Go to a neighbour who you've been meaning to connect with and share. They may then share something with you later that's brand new to you.

    10. Visit a restaurant in your neighborhood

    You know those restaurants you always pass by when you're just about to reach home. Go in, ask for a recommendation and get takeout.

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