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10 ways to spend less

    1. Ask yourself if you really need it or do you just want it

    Buy only what you need. Your smartphone still good? Don't upgrade it just because the next smartphone is shiny.

    2. Use what you already have

    Sometimes you already have something around the house that can help. For example, instead of tweezers, maybe you have pliers. Or instead of a steamer, you can use a deep wok, a heatproof bowl and a large cover.

    3. Don't go out

    You don't need new clothing if you don't go out

    4. Walk more

    Or bike. Or carpool.

    5. Turn off appliances and anything else you don't need (electricity-wise) to save on electricity

    6. Lower your heating

    Wear lots of clothing / sweaters and only warm your house to the minimum

    7. DIY

    Broke something? Try to fix it yourself before getting an expert to repair or replace it. Youtube is your friend.

    8. Eat less meat

    Meat is expensive. Try to have a meatless day one day of the week.

    9. Use the library

    Borrow books, audiobooks, CDs. Your local library may have more things - our library for example has small appliances and tools you can borrow.

    10. Trade with friends / neighbours

    Your neighbour may have a fancy snowblower - rather than buy one yourself, why not borrow theirs? If you don't have anything they need, give them some baked goods. Always bring it back better than you found it.

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