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10 ways to stay productive on a side hustle

I have had a lot of benefit from side hustles. They don’t always need to be about making money: you can learn to build some furniture or paint picture or cook a meal without building a business around it.

    1. plan tomorrow today. Write down what you want to accomplish the night before.

    2. Drink coffee

    3. Block out time in the morning before your workday starts. This is a forcing function as you have to stop at eight or 9 AM. You’ll be amazed when you can get done on a good day in just a couple of hours.

    4. Have longer-term plans. What should happen at three months, at six months. What is the first viable product and when will you launch it?

    5. Keep track of what you were doing and plan to do using online tools like Trello and Google docs. This way, if you need to take a break for any reason you can pick up where you left off.

    6. If you value your day job, and even if you don’t, you should not try to multitask during the day. Either work on your side project or your job but not both at the same time. This will end badly..

    7. If you are issued a computer for work, do not do any side project work on a computer that does not belong to you. Watch Silicon Valley for a humorous take on this.

    8. Block out time in the morning on the weekends. This is especially helpful if you have family expectations. You can get a tremendous amount of work done before nine or 10 in the morning and have the rest of the day free.

    9. Spend time to create a calendar or schedule for how you will launch your product. This is straightforward for a web-based business or website launch but you can use the same techniques for any projects such as building a house.

    10. Analyze your thoughts and be vigilant in differentiating between a distraction that will keep you from your goals, and a potentially useful pivot.

    11. Journal your progress and analyze your progress.

    12. For the brave have an accountability group. This could be somebody on the Internet, or somebody that knows you that you promise deliverables to.

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