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10 ways to stop procrastinating

IF you are anything like me, procrastination is a tireless foe you confront every day. This list is my first use of notepd and my latest battle with my frenemy Pro Cras.

    1. Make a list of ways to stop

    2. Make a list of daily task to accomplish

    3. Do least liked task first

    4. When you complete a task, take a second and actually cross it off the list

    5. Share your tasks with others. Working with others will keep most of us more motivated and task oriented. And even if working alone, sharing what you want to accomplish with others still adds incentive to complete a task.

    6. Pace your work. There are very, very few people who can work for an extended period of time without loss of focus, energy, etc. If you are doing a long task; take brief, periodic breaks. Whenever you complete a task, celebrate.

    7. Don't spend more time celebrating than working.

    8. Don't fret about things not started. Fret a little about things not finished. Finishing is even more important than starting.

    9. If you have a large task, break it into smaller tasks so completion is available.

    10. When you recognize yourself procrastinating, don't beat yourself up. Either calmly get back on track or consciously choose that your procrastination is trying to tell you something. Is this the right task? Is this the right time? etc. etc.

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