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10 Ways to Tell That an Experiment Was a Success

This is part 2 of yesterday's list, "10 Ways to Tell That an Experiment Failed" (

While experiments can end in failure, a good experiment can provide valuable data, and you may even have some fun in the process.

Sometimes, an experiment can result in success. It can even be a wild success with benefits you never considered before you began!

    1. The Desired Result Was Achieved

    2. Even if the Experiment Was a Failure, Valuable Lessons Were Learned

    3. The Experiment Gives Inspiration for Further Experiments

    4. If the Experiment Is Habit Related, Other Positive Habits Are Also Formed in the Process

    This relates to the concept of keystone habits, discussed in Charles Duhigg's "The Power of Habit" and James Clear's "Atomic Habits." The main premise of this idea is there are certain key routines or habits that can lead to other habits. So according to this theory, you only need to adopt a few new habits to completely transform your life.

    For example, if you start working out, you will also want to start eating healthier. Since you're also expending energy while exercising, you will start sleeping better too.

    You can read more about keystone habits here:

    5. If the Experiment Is Health Related, the Result Is More Energy and a Greater Sense of Well-Being

    6. If the Experiment Is Money Related, It Results in a Windfall or Can Be Scaled up to Something Bigger

    7. The Experiment Is Low Cost Compared to the Benefit and Knowledge Gained From the Result

    8. General Happiness Increases in the Process

    9. You Were Able to Stick to the Spirit of the Rules as Well as the Letter

    10. The Experiment Improves Areas of Your Life That You Didn’t Expect

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