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10 ways to think and grow rich

    1. Think bigger

    Believe that you can accomplish impossible things. Before anyone achieved what seemed to be impossible things, they believed that they could do it.

    2. Be observant

    Notice what bothers you. Notice what delights you. Are there ways to create products or services out of the things that annoy or delight you?

    3. Be observant x2

    People care about three major things: love, money and health. Notice what things you pay for around these items. How could you make it better? How could you deliver faster results? How might you deliver better results?

    4. Put yourself close to success

    One of the first stories in the book THink and Grow Rich was all about how a gentleman (Edwin C. Barnes) wanted to work with Edison. He didn't know what he was going to do but he knew that by being around Edison he would be successful. So the first thing he did was seek out Edison and get a job with him (i.e., be close to him).

    5. Be a bit more persistent

    One more sales call. One more practice session. One more sprint. These small persistent acts that go above and beyond your typical work load are what expands you and makes you better than other average people.

    6. Identify what you want and what you are going to give up

    Most of us don't do the second thing which is to identify what it is we are going to give up for whatever we want. We want more money - but we don't want to work longer hours or build a business for it. We want more family time - but we don't want to sacrifice our golf time with clients or pub time with friends.

    7. Sometimes aiming for the bigger goals is easier than aiming for small goals

    Everyone aims for incremental improvements so by aiming for large 10x improvements, you're going to have less competition.

    8. Aiming for the bigger goals is better than aiming for small goals

    Imagine you wanted to 1.1x your business (i.e., improve your business by 10%). You might tweak a few things, cut expenses, hire someone to streamline your business. But now imagine that you wanted to 10x your business. That requires a completely different mindset. And even if you fail at 10x your business, even if you 2x or 5x your business that's way better than improving it by 10%.

    9. Visualize success

    Before anyone achieves success, they visualize what that success is for them. They make it as real as possible. That way, they can ingrain it in their soul and make sure that their whole body and mind is acting towards that goal.

    10. Eliminate any option of failing

    If your only option is to succeed and you have no option to fail, guess what you're going to do?

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