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10 ways to think long-term

    1. Consider the 10-10-10 framework

    What will happen in 10 hours? 10 months? 10 years? Make decisions based on what is best for you in those timeframes.

    2. Consider your grandchildren

    What's the best decision you can make for them?

    3. Be a kind ancestor

    What would you want people to think of your generation?

    4. Reflect on your past

    What major decisions did you make 10 years ago that have had an impact on your life now? Probably not what you ate for lunch but whether you decided to take a job or move to a different city or talk to that member of the opposite sex.

    5. Slow down

    You don't need to make big decisions right away.

    6. Know the difference between finite games and infinite games

    Finite games have a winner and loser. Infinite games are games where you win if you can keep playing. Know which game you're playing and how to win.

    7. Small actions create big results over time

    If you eat healthy once, you don't necessarily see the effects. If you eat healthy over a week, again, you might not see the effects. Link short-term satisfaction to long-term results to keep yourself motivated.

    8. Create a strategy

    I like to set 10-year goals that I adjust every year (or even every quarter), depending on what results I want to see.

    9. Find individuals that have great long-term visions

    Mimic them. Ask yourself what they would do.

    10. Realize that things won't happen as quickly as you want

    When we start our careers, we want to be promoted and get raises right away. Unfortunately this won't happen as quick as we want, but I can say that if you work hard and you're kind, it will come.

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