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10 Ways To Turn 1 Idea List Into Several New Pieces Of Content

Funny timing, I'm in the middle of a run just like this! This pertains to my investment related blog.

    1. Read something related to one of your interests that might be new to you.

    Recently, I've gotten further into the ideas of return stacking, capital efficiency and leveraging down thanks to content from others I've read. <pretty sure I can claim originality for leveraging down>

    2. Add additional sites/apps/programs to help with your writing

    My recent interest in the above led me to a new (to me) website called which helps run the numbers to assess what blend of assets do and do not make for capitally efficient, return stacked portfolios.

    3. Put in the time to learn more

    This includes consuming as much content as you can as you also devote time to write about it.

    4. Share what you've written

    If you get some momentum behind the writing and you're having fun, let others know. The feedback can help further the momentum, can help your readers and maybe create new opportunities.

    5. Be proactive

    This blogging run came about because I was curious to learn more about something I knew relatively little about. In our 40's and 50's and 60's it becomes easier to think you know enough but that is simply the wrong attitude. Staying curious, having the desire to always learn more, realizing you need to learn more is crucial to successful aging at all ages.

    6. Some recent posts

    Can't tell you how fun these have been to write.

    7. AMA

    Offering to answer questions or solicit feedback is a great way to keep the momentum going. A professional acquaintance sent me a nudge for a new, related blog post that I'll probably write today. Feel free to comment or send a DM if you have questions along these lines.

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