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10 Ways We Can Create Peace Between Russia And NATO

    1. Settle all disputes through sports. Not war. Winner takes all. Regardless of the argument. Repeat every 4 years.

    2. Settle all disputes with life-and-death battle arenas between leaders. Not soldiers. Winner takes all. Make this a thing. Repeat every 4 years.

    3. Let NATO become a part of Russia.

    4. Let Russia become a part of NATO.

    5. Make every country in the world part of NATO. So if one country attacks another country, every other country in the world should attack the aggressor simultaneously.

    6. Bomb Moscow. The only reason for military warfare right now is because US and EU leadership is at its weakest. There are no consequences.

    7. Move everyone in Ukraine somewhere else. Nuke Ukraine's land to the point that it's unusable so no one can use it.

    8. Get rid of old men leaders. Put children in charge of every country.

    9. Dig a massive gulf between Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Fill the gulf with sea water so all sides are isolated land-wise.

    10. Lay down heavy penalties, not just on aggressors, but on countries who are pulling strings behind the scenes and provoking aggression in the first place.

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