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10 Ways You Believe A.I. Can Never Replace Humans?

Zero, literally no experience in this area, so these are my off-the-cuff thoughts.

10 Ways You Believe A.I. Can Never Replace Humans?

    1. Humans change

    Clothes, behaviors, language, music, and more are driven by personal preference and are determined by innovation, nostalgia, and other factors. Randomness to mimic this may be able to be programmed, but won't be able to predict what people want / need / do when from year to year people don't know.

    2. Innovation

    AI uses "what's out there" in terms of data. At least until it develops its own AI "sex," can then evaluate whether those "children" are viable, and then can put it into practice, it won't be able to innovate.

    3. Personal "touch"

    Some things are fine for using AI, but people crave interpersonal interactions.

    4. Humor / Comedy

    Combine "humans change" with "innovation" and personal touch, and you get what drives humor / comedy. Until it can innovate, AI can't comedy.

    5. Sports

    Replacing athletes with AI driven robots won't work. People may not like when their team fails, but they love it when their teams succeed. And human foibles are probably the best part of sports.

    6. Food / Cuisine

    Again, the lack of ability to innovate or evaluate what people may like or not like, will keep AI from having any meaningful influence on food / cuisine.

    7. Politics

    If AI is programmed not to lie, there you go! If it can lie, then it loses its credibility and will be avoided / ignored.

    8. Communicating

    Nuance is lost with AI, at least at this stage of the game.

    9. "Power's Out"

    When the power goes out - no electricity, no internet, no AI. Until it can power itself, when the power goes out, humans are needed to do whatever AI had been doing. Unless the AI run unit has its own power source and can operate alone, but is it there yet?

    10. Intuition

    A.I. can't replace the ability of humans to rely on intuition and instinct when making decisions. A.I. can't process the nuances and complexities of a situation, which means it can't (yet?) replicate human intuition.

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