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10 Ways You Can Be More Productive During The Day

Things that works for me in the past and things I need to do regularly.


    1. Make a habit of it.

    I've successfully made a habit of doing sports and learning languages, I cannot NOT do it. It really should be easy to make a habit of something that will propel me forward in my vocations.

    2. Make a list of things you need to do in the day (even including the easy ones).

    Ticking boxes give me some sort of pleasure, more importantly this gives me something to look back if I had actually do productive things, or just filler - need-to-be-done things (like cleaning and laundry).

    3. Remember the WHY.

    Know what my goals are, even when I don't know how to get there. And eliminate things that aren't going to that direction.

    4. Have deadlines or milestone on a shorter regular basis.

    So you know how much progress you've made in a week. Or a month. It doesn't really help when the deadline is "Write a book in a year", because I would easily not doing that in 11.5 months, and then panicking on the last two weeks.

    5. Have an accountability partner.

    I don't like them too, sometimes. But having someone or a group you regularly talk about your work and productivity, and will give you no bs about slacking off, is amazing.

    6. Work in a different place.

    A cafe where I know I'll have only an hour to sit down, a coworking space, or even the couch if I'm always on my working table.

    7. Use podomoro method / concentration timer.

    I especially love the forest app, where I can "plant" trees. Sometimes what I need is only to keep going for 25 minutes, to keep on doing that for the whole day.

    8. Move your body during the break.

    Do a little stretch, walk around, or clean up a bit. Blood flow to the brain is what we need sometimes. Also your back will thank you in the future!

    9. Keep yourself hydrated.

    Again, a healthy body is a productive body. The brain needs water too.

    10. Add background noise.

    Perhaps music or some boring dramas or documentary.

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