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10 writing lessons I've learned over the years

    1. You're not going to get it perfect the first time

    'Perfect' writing requires multiple edits

    2. Best way to get through writer's block is not to think it is a thing

    Plumbers don't get plumber's block.

    3. Leave an unfinished sentence for the next day

    Great way to get back into flow - leave something unfinished for when you write next

    4. Each 'phase' of writing requires a different mindset

    There's the research phase, outline phase, writing phase, and the editing phase - don't try to do multiple phases at once (you can do it but it's like trying to multi-task)

    5. Whatever your first paragraph is that you've written, you can delete it

    Learned from James Altucher

    6. When you see good writing, note it down

    Learn from it

    7. A good way to visualize your writing is to enter return line for every sentence

    You get to see how long your sentences are and also figure out the rhythm

    8. Eliminate distractions

    If you're writing, write. Don't look up things on the internet. If you are stuck because you don't know something, use a phrase like ZZT to remind yourself of something that is missing. Then, go back and search for ZZT at a later point.

    9. Writing is a muscle

    If you work on it every day, it will get stronger. If you skip a few days or weeks, it'll get weaker.

    10. Two crappy pages every day

    That's what Tim Ferriss told himself when he was writing his books. It doesn't have to be good. It doesn't even have to be average. It's about the practice of writing.

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