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10+1 things I have learnt from the Audio book Storyteller by David Grohl

    1. Finding your tribe can lead to life changing moments

    How David got into punk rock

    2. Being a self taught drummer was no determent to becoming a musician mentorship came in other forms than formal lessons

    3. Don't dismiss other people's spiritual journeys if they believe in UFOs don't dismiss it enjoy the story

    4. Some times even the top 1% realise that they don't need the mansion for a fulfilling life

    5. How great an honour it would have been for David Grohl to join the Heartbreakers . Instead travel your own journey.

    6. David Grohl went back to live in Washington DC -Don't fear going back to your roots . He found room to still groe

    7. Some Mums in life are awesome and real heros. The sacrifice they make I only realised it when I became a parent

    8. Loss and grief of losing a bestfriend he explained it so well that unlike blood family theres an extra bond that makes

    9. Life can appear to be so random and then connection and things connect such as David Grohl finding a long lost wallet

    10. Loved the story with President Bush and having his photograph with him. Why because what ever the politics we have to co exist

    11. Never write yourself Dave Grohl was 25 the other guy from Nirvana he could have gone downhill after the death of Kurt Cobain - What a life what a bunch of great stories

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