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Bill Bergeman


11 Common NotePD User Characteristics I've Noticed

    1. We like personal development.

    There is a skew towards personal development, particularly developing habits to increase productivity and improve health.

    2. We like our television.

    We really, really like TV shows, and we are opinionated about them!

    3. We LOVE books.

    There have been a good deal of posts about books, and in my opinion, this group is reading some pretty darn good stuff.

    4. We all follow James Altucher.

    This one seems obvious.

    5. We all want to write and publish a book!

    Sort of seems like it, no?

    6. We favor being entrepreneurs/solopreneurs/independence.

    There are a lot of idea lists with self-employment pursuits (or at least ones people want to pursue).

    7. We strive for excellent physical health.

    I've noted quite a few posts about how to gain and maintain physical health.

    8. We are very opinionated about owning a home.

    I think this one is driven by James' strong opinion on the topic.

    9. We want to know how to eke out more productivity from our days.

    I'm actually moving away from this topic personally (I think there's way too much 'productivity porn' out there [https://notepd.com/idea/productivity-porn-10-reasons-why-people-are-way-too-obsessed-with-getting-things-done-nr3s4]), but I get the interest. Productivity seems to offer the elusive promise of better health, wealth, and happiness.

    10. We like to take the counterintuitive approach.

    There seems to be a lot of interest in bucking the normal messages dictated to us by society about work, financial independence, retirement, health care, education, and so on.

    11. We all want to be more creative.

    That's the main reason why we're here, right? By way of the daily idea list, we hope to be able to increase our creativity, which can then open doors for endless possible paths in life.

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