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11 “hustle gurus” that I follow

Because of the type of work that I do, I like to have something on in the background that is not so interesting that it is distracting but not so boring that it is distracting. I end up consuming a lot of hustle porn put out by these guys and their guests. Occasionally I will do something that they recommend, usually with good results.

This is like the new talk show circuit for the 21st century. These gurus will occasionally podcast with each other and also people that write a book in the space will appear on different podcasts to promote it so you can see 5 interviews with the same author: David Goggins for example.

Most of these people:

  • Are rich
  • Are crazy
  • Work out A LOT
  • Read a lot
  • Like to hear themselves talk and promote themselves
  • Meditate
  • Do/promote intermittent fasting and other health fads

11 “hustle gurus” that I follow

    1. Benjamin Hardy

    I first discovered him when he was writing on Medium a number of years ago. He happens to live in my town. He does a lot of well edited lifestyle advice. He has a PhD in organizational psychology. He reads and writes a lot of books.

    @dr.benjaminhardy" target="_blank"> @dr.benjaminhardy

    2. Tom Bilyeu

    Became extremely wealthy ($100m) by creating and selling the Quest nutrition company. Now has turned his somewhat insane drive into his company called impact theory.

    @TomBilyeu" target="_blank"> @TomBilyeu

    3. Joe Rogan

    I don't watch him as much since he has moved to Spotify, even though I have Spotify. His show covers a wider range of topics than just success and achievement, but many of the people that he interviews are high achievers.

    @joerogan" target="_blank"> @joerogan

    4. Robert Kiyosaki

    He's probably best known for his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book influenced my thinking when I read it many years ago. His more recent online activity is more political in nature, but he still has some gems in there.

    @TheRichDadChannel" target="_blank"> @TheRichDadChannel

    5. James Altucher

    Really starting to follow his advice in 2023 by making a list every day and reading every day has really changed my inner life significantly. I am quite confident that in the next five years, it will change my outer life as well. @JamesAltucher

    @TheJamesAltucherShow" target="_blank"> @TheJamesAltucherShow

    6. Grant Cardone

    He has a lot of material on hustle, real estate, and sales online. He was also part of a reality show on the Discovery Channel where he had to build a $1 million business in 90 days starting with $100. He ended up building a business worth $5 million in that amount of time. It was instructive to watch him work, especially because it was in the middle of the Covid pandemic, and he came down with Covid, but still made it happen.

    @GrantCardone" target="_blank"> @GrantCardone

    7. Steve Vai

    He is regarded as one of the greatest guitar players of all time and was on many magazine covers throughout the 1980 - 1990s. During the Covid pandemic, he decided to do several long form videos. He is also a very thoughtful person and has been involved in meditation and other mindfulness practices. One thing he casually mentioned that really struck me is that he would practice guitar 8 to 12 hours a day for years. He got to be that good because he was driven and that amount of practice would amplify any amount of natural talent that somebody had. Practice like that is what separates the good from the great.

    8. Alex Hormozi

    @AlexHormozi" target="_blank"> @AlexHormozi

    9. Andrew Huberman

    @hubermanlab" target="_blank"> @hubermanlab

    10. Steven Bartlett "Diary of a CEO"

    Lots of guest-focused podcasting.

    @TheDiaryOfACEO" target="_blank"> @TheDiaryOfACEO

    11. Rick Beato

    He has a channel called "everything music," and it does a good job covering everything from esoteric music theory, studio setup, songwriting and much more. Rick has been a college professor and music producer and is really hitting his stride on YouTube. One of the most important things he is doing now is interviewing dozens of legends in long form including people like Pat Metheny, Billy Corgan and Sting.

    One of his themes is the benefits of hard work, maintaining a long-term focus, consistent practice and never giving up.

    @RickBeato" target="_blank"> @RickBeato

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