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11 ideas for notebooks


(Image source: pixnio.com)

    1. A big questionnaire

    such as the Proust Questionnaire

    2. A big questionnaire to really get to know a person

    For example "What you should know about me". User manual for your boyfriend.

    3. Reading diary

    Where to write down the most important details of the books read.

    I have made one for KDP: https://www.amazon.com/Reading-Diary-books-Fritz-Salzmann/dp/B0BQDQ3296/

    4. Notebook what you ate in a day

    5. Training journal

    6. Training journal for writers

    Number of words written, texts written, difficulties, links to literature

    7. Friend book

    Where your friends can answer questions about themselves

    8. Poetry album

    Are there poetry albums in English speaking countries? Friends and mentors are asked to write poems or sayings with a dedication. When I was a child, girls in particular had beautifully designed poetry albums.

    9. Guestbooks

    Where all your guests can register. Special cases: summit books, guest books for mountain huts.

    10. Travel journal

    What exactly did you do on each and every day of a trip?

    11. Diary with special details

    Your exact body weight, the weather, pleasant encounters, unpleasant encounters, food, special activities, exercise, tasks at work

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