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11 ideas to expand my range

I read 'Range' by David Epstein a couple years ago and I still think about it often. Maybe it's time to read it again!

11 ideas to expand my range

    1. Take courses on Skillshare

    2. Dedicate one day per week to experiments

    I think David Epstein mentions this in his book.

    3. Learn one new skill per month or per year

    Depending on how in-depth I would like to go, or depending on the skills.

    4. Make one out of five or ten books something I'm unfamiliar with

    These days I've been reading non-fiction books about creativity, entrepreneurship and well-being. Maybe I could read the biography of a president, a book about the history of Iceland, or a depressing French novel. Or a book about how to write poetry, which I'm not particularly interested in but could provide useful and interesting (I think Stephen Fry wrote one, which should be entertaining).

    5. Learn about a particular niche and find freelance writing gigs related to it

    6. Take a workshop somewhere abroad

    Learn how to make tacos in Mexico, or take a one-week intensive krav maga course in Israel.

    7. Do stand up in another language

    8. Write in a different medium or a different style

    I'd like to expand beyond short form humor and get more into narrative stuff. One way to really expand my range would be to go beyond comedy and write an action movie screenplay, for example.

    9. Regularly write down what I'm feeling curious about and learn more about at least one thing on the list

    10. Explore the things related to my field that I'm not familiar or comfortable with

    For example, when it comes to doing stand up, I could experiment more with clean material. As a business owner or content creator, I could learn more about marketing.

    11. Ask people to teach me about their hobby or expertise

    When I meet new people, I sometimes ask them to tell me the three most important things to know about whatever their thing is. If I were to learn your skill as quickly and efficiently as possible, what are the three things that you can tell me right now that will significantly help me?

    I could take it further by asking the person if they'd like to meet up to teach me some stuff. I could teach a skill of my own in exchange if they wish. Or there could be a monetary transaction, but there might be a different feeling to it.

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