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11 Reasons I Know Everything is Going To Be Alright

    1. A sharp knife cuts clean. There are no gray areas with Truth. Truth is black or white, it's just a matter of choosing.

    2. What separates little me (an illusion) from BIG ME.

    3. The more fear I experience the closer I am to what I'm seeking.

    4. When I remove the thing(s) that I cherish most I will learn much about myself and those things.

    5. If I trust who walks beside me there is no fear, If I don't I'm fearful all the time.

    6. I know that fear is like an onion, it's a disguised version of anger, irritation, sadness, depression, urgency, loss, control, fame, power, but it's still fear (an onion)

    7. Every time I fail to use love I merely reinforce the hallucination.

    8. Every one of my fears is nothing more than a patch of cloud that I created to block the sunshine's rays.

    9. The moment I become divorced from your well-being I reduce my world to nothingness.

    10. If there's fear associated with making a decision, I'm fairly certain it's a decision I should make.

    11. Each time I become more afraid, I keep shrinking my world.

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