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11 Things We Learned From Our 200-Day Streaks on NotePD

A collaboration between @MrOTG and @BillBergeman.

Bill: Across an ocean and on different continents, entirely unaware of each other, Dror and I started posting on NotePD on the same day, 200 days ago. Since then, many people have come and gone, but we have stayed at it every day - and it appears it will be that way for some time.

Dror: It shows that we can be very far away and have a lot in common. The beauty of the internet and the gift of NotePD. It allows us to make these connections.

As a celebration of our shared accomplishment, we decided to post this collaborative list of ideas we learned through this process.

    1. Stretching the idea muscle feels like running a marathon.

    If you have ever run a marathon, you know that it starts off fun, you have a lot of energy, and you are excited to achieve your goal. You also find that at some point, usually in the middle but sometimes as you get close to the finish, you get really tired and it starts to hurt. A lot. But as much as it hurts, and as much as you want to quit, you know it will feel worth it if you power through and cross the finish line - and that you will be a better, stronger (and more creative) person for it.

    2. Reading other people's idea lists can help unlock writer's block.

    This has been a great technique throughout the 200-day streak. If I was just sitting alone at home writing lists, it would be much more difficult on those challenging days to complete an idea list. Plus, reading other people's ideas is a fantastic way to learn and grow.

    3. The Note PD community is hugely supportive.

    NotePD is not Twitter. No one has ever belittled, contradicted, harassed, or said anything demeaning about any of our ideas. Quite the opposite, we get a lot of support for our idea lists, even the ones that are not the best.

    4. Don't post ideas for the sole purpose of gaining likes and comments.

    Write ideas for your benefit or the benefit of others, but don't write them to try and get on the trending board. Nine times out of ten it doesn't work, and you are doing yourself a disservice by posting what you think people will like versus what will help you grow and become a more creative individual.

    5. It's fun.

    Truthfully, having the daily routine of coming up with unique ideas is not just challenging, it is enjoyable!

    6. Ideas a bottomless pit

    I sometimes wonder if I can come up with any more. But that's a bad question. There is no limit to ideas

    7. Writing for yourself to learn

    I have learned to use NotePD in several ways.

    One of them is to learn.

    Right after reading a book, or an article, I like to open a note (often private at this point) where I throw out what I’ve learned.

    An effective way to better retain what interests you.

    8. Writing for yourself to reflect

    Another way to use NotePD is to reflect.

    What did I learn today?

    What would I do differently if I could do this day over again?

    Again, I use the private mode in the first stage. And then I (sometimes) take those ideas back to a public note.

    9. Ideas a way to gain clarity

    No matter what the subject. When you tackle a list of ideas, you gain clarity.

    Thinking about ideas, sorting them, reviewing them, and sharing them is part of the process of gaining clarity.

    10. Ideas are part of the solution to getting what you want

    I remember the first time I was exposed to the concept in an article by @JamesAltucher

    He explained that ideas got him out of a “tough time’ and allowed him to achieve many of his dreams.

    And that doesn't surprise me.

    In my profession as a coach, there is always a time when you help the person create options for themselves.

    And what is an option? Simply an idea.

    11. Meeting interesting people

    Bill and I have our first digital meeting tonight.

    And that's one of the things NotedPD allows us to do. Meet interesting people. I was lucky enough to be able to do that with @younes too

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