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12 businesses to start in The Villages

The Villages is an enormous retirement community in Central Florida. There are over 140,000 residents! Many of these businesses could also be mobile.

12 businesses to start in The Villages

    1. Music Emporium

    This is the idea that I've been kicking around for a long time that combines a store with a performance space, lessons, and a place to hang out and enjoy music. You could sell musical instruments and also high end stereos and headphones.

    2. High-end candy, wine, coffee, liquor, etc. store

    With unusual and international sweets

    3. Subscription based technical support

    On call technical support to help with computers, televisions, air conditioners and other technical gadgets. We could also do basic home maintenance like replace water filters.

    4. Golf car customization shop

    Lots of baby boomers have fun with their golf cars and make them look like hot rods or other things and put stereos in them.

    promote the shop with Golf car shows!

    5. Lawn sports league

    Sell equipment for home use and also organize things like kickball games or cornhole contests. Show up to parties with a dozen games.

    6. Full service party supplies

    Deliver everything you need from catered food to games to tables and chairs, and clean up afterwards.

    7. Learn to paint/knit/sculpt: arts center

    Physical center with mobile component. Sell supplies.

    8. Mobile personal trainer

    9. Financial and legal advisor focusing on the aging

    As people age through their 50s to 80s + their financial situation will change.

    10. Subscription Based home maintenance

    With many retirees looking to pick up a few bucks you could probably create a staff of electricians and HVAC people that would work a few hours a week each.

    11. Veterinarian and pet grooming (mobile)

    12. mobile high-end bar and coffee catering service for parties

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