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15 things I could do if I suddenly lost all my sources of income

15 things I could do if I suddenly lost all my sources of income

    1. Cry

    2. Aggressively apply for jobs on Upwork

    3. Tell jokes on the street with a sign that reads "$1 Jokes"

    I made reasonable money when I tried it once in Montreal, and then almost no money when I tried it in Venice Beach. I only tried it those two times, and it was four and a half years ago. It has potential, though.

    Although where I live right now, I don't think this would work very well.

    4. Guided meditations in public

    Bring a sign that says "$5 guided meditation", or "free guided meditation" with tips. If several people are interested at the same time, I could extend the duration so I can offer it to a group.

    5. Look for social media related gigs

    While I normally offer funny content services, I might shift away from the funny part if I needed to find work quickly. I might pick a niche based on fields I've worked in before; for example beauty or business.

    6. Aggressively contact potential venues for stand up

    By not living in a city where there is a huge stand up scene with tons of competition, especially by living in a non-English speaking country where there are enough tourists and expats, it's not very hard to find bars that are interested in hosting stand up shows. I could organize my own, maybe just have an opening act, and get some money from that. Either from tips (common in Europe for this type of thing) or from an entrance fee.

    7. Teach something on Airbnb Experiences and MeetUp

    Airbnb Experiences would be directly monetizable. It can be online experiences. MeetUp also has an online event feature, but I don't know if you can charge for it.

    8. Offer walking tours

    If you're in a big enough city, I'm guessing it wouldn't be that hard. Contact all the hostels and maybe some hotels, maybe also some other tourism-related places, and ask if I can drop some flyers there. Maybe we could partner up somehow.

    9. Contact all my past clients, big and small, and ask if they know anybody who might need help with anything

    10. Find places that would be interested in having me teach a joke writing class

    11. Advertise guided meditations and/or French lessons (flyers, posters, and online platforms such as Superprof)

    I never felt qualified to teach my native language, and I think it's gotten worse over the years, but... maybe I could handle teaching beginners. I could also teach English to French speakers (it would be a way to niche down).

    12. Advertise physical services that I would outsource to other people

    Window cleaning, gardening, etc. This is much less interesting to me, but I could consider it if nothing else worked out.

    13. Cold email creators to offer writing services

    Such as YouTubers. I would first focus on people in industries that are related or somewhat related to my skills and my experience, such as comedy. Or, for example, I used to write social media copy for a business formation company: I could contact some of their clients and say that I used to write copy for them, which might build trust.

    14. Same but for video editing (I would first learn more about video editing)

    15. Host events

    Could be anything. Networking at a bar. Dance classes (if I know a dance teacher). Pub crawls.

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