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15 ways to be actively more curious about people during conversation (incl. 5 from the AI)

15 ways to be actively more curious about people during conversation (incl. 5 from the AI)

    1. "Tell me more about that."

    2. "What made you want to get into that?"

    3. Ask if they can teach you something

    4. Ask them "What do you think?" after expressing your own opinion on something

    5. Don't plan what you're going to say

    6. Aim to understand them better rather than giving your opinion

    This isn't to say you should never give your opinion on things. It's a conversation. There must be an exchange. But sometimes, you're supposed to listen and understand, not say what you think. It all depends on the conversation.

    7. Ask what their favorite thing is about X

    8. Ask about what they're passionate about

    9. "What do you wanna do when you grow up?"

    10. Look for what's great about them

    Rather than trying to show what's great about you.

    11. Ask Follow Up Questions

    Ask followup questions to show your interest in the conversation. Instead of simply responding to what the other person is saying, ask them to explain in more detail, or ask them to elaborate on something they’ve said. This will help you to understand the conversation better, and it will also show the other person that you’re actively listening to and engaging in the conversation.

    12. Listen to Tone and Body Language

    Pay attention to the other person’s tone of voice and body language during the conversation. This can give you clues about what the other person is feeling and thinking. For example, if the other person is speaking quickly and loudly, they may be excited and enthusiastic about the topic. On the other hand, if the other person is speaking slowly and quietly, they may be nervous or shy.

    13. Ask Open Ended Questions

    Ask openended questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” answer. For example, instead of asking the other person “Do you like to travel?”, ask them “What do you like most about traveling?” This type of question will encourage the other person to share more details about themselves and their experiences.

    14. Show Genuine Interest

    Show genuine interest in the other person’s conversation. Take the time to ask them questions, and focus your attention on them. Show them that you care about the things they’re saying, and make sure to respond with thoughtful comments and insights.

    15. Go Deeper

    Even when the conversation seems to be finished, don’t be afraid to go deeper. Ask

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