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15 ways to Improve the Electric Shovel

Looks something like this.

    1. For those not familiar this gadget, it is a cross between a snow shovel, snow blower, and weed trimmer.

    My spouse bought me one a few years ago, so I use it. Is it as good as a real snow blower? Not usually. Is it better than shoveling? Sometimes. Here are some ways I think it may be improved.

    Also, the photo makes it look larger than it really is.

    2. It needs a pair of wheels.

    Very small. Maybe 2" in diameter

    3. If not wheels, then reinforced runners

    Something lightweight to make the power head easier to move AND raise it maybe 0.5"

    4. It should ship with more than 1 battery.

    Run time is about 30 min.

    5. The length of the shaft should be adjustable.

    6. The shaft should be angled like some weed trimmers and snow shovels are.

    This encourages a more upright posture.

    7. Could they make a model that operates off both battery packs and a standard extension cord?

    The answer is yes but it would increase the circuitry and weight for the onboard converter.

    8. I would like there to be a way to aim the snow discharge.

    This can only discharge straight ahead and there is no way to pick up snow (ala a regular shovel). This makes many jobs harder as it limits the direction you can use to face the power shovel.

    9. The auger needs to be metal (or at least metal tipped).

    10. An optional shoulder strap.

    Since some of these suggestions may add a little weight, a strap would distribute that weight better.

    11. Being able to reverse direction on any auger type device seems like a reasonable safety measure.

    12. With the added wheels, you could make the power head / auger unit a little wider

    I think a max of 14", over the current 11or 12" models.

    13. Magnetic Attachment Points (AI)

    Utilizing magnetic attachment points on the power shovel would allow for an easier process of changing out shovel heads for various tasks. It would also make it much easier for operators to clean up the shovel and make sure it is in the proper working condition. The magnetic attachment points could also help reduce the time and effort it takes to change out the shovel heads.

    14. Automated Controls (AI)

    By integrating automated controls into the power shovel, operators would be able to more easily and accurately control the machine. Automated controls could also be used to help reduce fatigue and stress, as the machine would be able to do much of the work itself. This would also reduce the chances of human error and make the operation of the power shovel much safer and more efficient.

    15. Hydraulic Arms (AI)

    By implementing hydraulic arms into the power shovel, it would allow for more precise control of the shovel and also reduce the strain and fatigue on the operator. The hydraulic arms would also help reduce the chances of injury, as the operator would not have to manually lift the shovel in order to reach certain areas.

    16. Infrared Sensors (AI)

    Infrared sensors could be used to detect obstacles in the shovel’s path.

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