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15 YouTube Channel Ideas that Someone Should Create Now

These are YouTube Channel ideas that would be fun to create + people would love to consume them..

    1. Craziest Stuff on An Expense Report

    Show talking about the strangest & funniest things people try to expense from porn to outrageously expensive dinners & alcohol.

    2. Don’t End Up in the General Counsel’s Speech

    a rundown of the worst things employees have done from a lawyer/general counsels perspective.

    3. Stuff that Kids Say

    A collection of stories of the funniest things toddlers have said to their parents. Or include raw video of these events too.

    4. My Wife Was Right

    Stories from husbands of all the times they thought they were right, but were dreadfully wrong

    5. Not Mister Fix It

    @YouTube show demonstrating the worst of men trying to fix things.

    6. Business Podcast Recap

    show that does like a post game recap show talking about the top business podcasts for that week.

    7. Ecommerce Audit

    show that does a weekly audit and breakdown of top ecommerce sites so that subscribers could learn

    8. Drive Thru Diaries

    funny stories from drive thru workers all wrapped into a @YouTube show.

    9. Worst EBay Customers in the World

    @YouTube show with stories of the worst customers on ebay & the things they say and do

    10. Worst Salesperson on the Planet

    channel focused on interviews with the very worst salespeople at

    11. The Swing Coach

    show doing deep analysis of swings of current & former #MLB players

    12. $1000 in 24 Hours

    show that shows how various people go about taking on this challenge and bringing subscribers with them.

    13. Get Your First Customer

    each week a new guest has to get a customer with a random business idea they are given.

    14. Handmade

    show taking people through the journey of creating & selling a
    handmade product on @Etsy.

    15. Service Biz Makeover

    show where 2 people compete to makeover & improve 2 different auto shops (could be any kind of local service biz).

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