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16 Provoking Thoughts I Shared With Chicken Little & He Swears The Sky Is Falling

    1. No one can tame my Spirit.

    2. No one can impose a limitation on me that God/Love did not create.

    3. But what could my function be other than that which created me?

    4. I wonder how much my life will change once I become fully aligned with TRUTH.

    5. How often am I trying to swim against the current of "what is?"

    6. Do I understand that my world (the world that I see) is a mirror image of my most cherished thoughts, feelings, and beliefs?

    7. Which is a better strategy for me 1. To try and change the world around me? 2. To change how I see the world? Only one works.

    8. Am I brilliant with the basics? Love, Kindness, Gentleness, Patience, Being Nonjudgmental, Empathy, Compassion, Releasing Grievances

    9. Am I Casper the Friendly Ghost? or Am I Eternal Spirit? Can't serve two spirits.

    10. Am I Creation's Outpouring of Love or Am I just a poor, weak, and wretched soul who's fate is to be dust on a wrapper?

    11. Can the uncontainable (Love~God) be contained? I think I'm an expression of the uncontainable.

    12. Where do you (Yes - You) come to an end, and I begin? Where is that imaginary line begin? Who drew it? Not me.

    13. I wonder ~ can my Spirit be contained by my body and boss my body around?

    14. I refuse to accept the TRUTH about myself is the only reason I suffer. I Am Love! Oh that was hard....

    15. Many days I act like the only thing I am is a body. I wear it like an old suit, only be tossed away someday. Wake UP! That Sh%t is frightening.

    16. The only reason to possess the asset is in service of LOVE!

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