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18 things I learned from "The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again" By Catherine Price

Interesting to consider what fun really is and how we can make intentional choices that increase fun.

Catherine Price also wrote "How to Break Up With Your Phone" so that is a theme here as well.

18 things I learned from "The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again" By Catherine Price

    1. Definition of fun: playfulness, connection and flow

    This is a good definition. You can have any one or two of these and have an enjoyable experience but true fun takes all three.

    2. Judgement is toxic to fun

    3. Objects are not fun by themselves

    A sea-doo is only fun for a few minutes on its own but if you play with friends or family it can become a lot of fun!

    4. Fake fun : doom scrolling and watching tv

    5. Full attention and engagement is important for fun

    Good to recall when interacting with a child or pet

    6. Over scheduled childhoods reduce opportunities for fun

    Pickup football, kick the can and frisbee can be more fun than soccer practice and piano lessons.

    7. Social exclusion is similar to physical pain

    The current internet makes this worse.

    8. Time confetti

    This was a great phrase that I picked up: like when you are scattered and "multitasking" to get things done your time kind of explodes like confetti and nothing gets done.

    9. The constant distraction from cell phones limit’s opportunities for unstructured time for fun and creativity

    10. Pay attention to what you think is fun: learn to identify it and label it.

    Reflect on when you had fun. What does it feel like? What were you doing?

    11. Notice moments for micro fun: joking with a cashier, playing with a pet, etc.

    These can be an important opportunity to have something fun during the day. Look for short duration fun play fetch with a dog, balance in a silly way, etc. Microdose on fun.

    12. Consciously design you life to have more fun

    Create opportunities to have playfulness, connection and flow.

    13. Create a fun squad: people that like to have fun!

    14. Make a not to do list: things that you will consciously avoid

    This is a good suggestion: "things I won't waste mental energy on today." This can be something important that you might need to do over the weekend. By putting it on a "not to do" list you can free yourself from thinking about it.

    15. Well constructed playgrounds, physical or virtual are good ingredients for fun. The structure breeds creativity

    This can be an absurd setup like having a business meeting as if it was a political debate or medieval court. Highly structured games like baseball and football are "fun" and encourage creativity to win.

    16. Playful rebellions

    Eat ice cream for breakfast, schedule meeting for odd times, wave at strangers as if you know them.

    17. Plan fun “refills”

    This can be a full-blown vacation or something that you enjoy in an afternoon.

    18. Try a “digital sabbath” where you put your electronics away for 24 hours

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