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2 Delusional People


    1. If I try to convince you of anything now we have two delusional people in the room.

    One is enough.
    If two of the same are in the room, one is unnecessary.

    2. Some people have been in psychological pain for so long it would be too frightening to leave all at once.

    3. I trust that everyone knows their own way.

    4. I can point to the ineffable but you must recognize the awe and wonder.

    5. A desire to feel special will never allow you to know how wonderful you are in an authentic way.

    6. If you're hurting, attacking, or defensive I know that you are shouting to the mountaintop that you want to be loved.

    7. Compassion is a welcome fragrance at any stage of transformation.

    8. Be empty. Be open. Come with an empty cup.

    9. Are you, right now, engaged in a conversation of value?

    • Do you mostly talk about ideas?
    • Do you mostly talk about the past or future?
    • Do you mostly talk about other people?
    • Do you mostly talk about what's wrong in the world?
    • Do you mostly talk about what you wish were different so that you could be happy?
    • Are you mostly quiet and do not speak much?
    • Are you like the bull who runs directly into the storm or more like a cow who turns and runs away?

    10. There's no shortage of people that are in psychological and mental anguish.

    I'm not here to recruit anyone to study such a profound spiritual text as A Course In Miracles. Wisdom such as this will not be welcomed by the masses for another 500 years.
    I'm not here to try and convert anyone.
    I'm not here to convince a person to be against their will so they can remain of the same opinion still.
    The curriculum has already been decided. When you enroll it is totally up to you.

    11. The best phrases to live by today and beyond.

    • I don't know.
    • I don't have an opinion about that.
    • All things work together for good. There are no exceptions.
    • Nothing you need will be denied you.
    • Everything that seems to happen to me, I asked for it and have received as I have asked.
    • There is a different way to look at this situation that doesn't cause me pain.

    I'm here to offer you some wonderful hors d'oeuvres.....

    • Meatballs with Chimichurri Sauce
    • Brie Appetizers with Bacon-Plum Jam
    • Cranberry-Fig Goat Cheese Crostini
    • Asparagus Wraps
    • Rustic Tuscan Pepper Bruschetta

    .......But you do not have to accept my gift

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