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20 Thoughts I'm Tossing Around (WDYT)


    1. Miracles are natural and when they do not occur something has gone wrong.

    Miracles are shifts in perception.
    Miracles can only arise from a miraculous state of mind.

    2. In order to get what I want I must first let go of the fear of not getting what I want.

    3. Am I willing to see you as sinless?

    When I'm ready to see you as sinless I am healed. Until then, I am burdened.
    My sinless brother is my guide to peace. My sinful brother is my guide to pain. Whichever I choose to see is what will manifest.

    4. One must be ready for their spiritual education.

    Spirit has what I need to be happy, not the other way around.

    5. No one is where he is by accident.

    Chance plays no part in God's plan.

    6. The will of God forever lies in those whose hands are joined.

    7. Specialness can become ugly when I really want something from somebody and they're not responding in kind.

    8. Sacrifice in any situation is never justified.

    9. I always know how well I'm doing by the number of grievances I'm holding onto.

    10. There's no amount of money that could make me feel safe in this world.

    11. I practice selective amnesia.

    This is where I forget every negative thing I can think about someone and remember only the positive.

    12. Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

    13. I've discovered that....

    Most people don't really want to let go of the past.
    Most people don't really want to be in the world but not of the world.
    Most people believe their plan is superior to God's plan.
    Isn't it lovely? This is their right.

    14. I must not only practice kindness to people but also to situations.

    Global warming, homelessness, government corruption, greed, and, climate change.

    15. My Higher Self knows a lot more about what I should be doing than I do.

    16. Two important questions that I'm constantly asking myself;

    How should I think about this person or situation that's loving?

    What loving action should I take if any action is required?

    17. To live consciously requires an Olympian Change of Mind.

    18. It is not up to me to teach others how to heal.

    That would make me an unhealed healer.

    I ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit.

    What is this for?

    How can I be truly helpful?

    19. I don't have a plan.

    I am content to be wherever he wishes me to be.

    20. I do not know what anything is for.

    I seek guidance from that which knows all things instead of my ego.

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