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2023 Predictions

2023 Predictions

    1. Market will end up

    And could be a lot more than people think.

    2. Inflation will subside

    Already happening.

    3. Ukraine War Will End

    Ambitious, but hopeful.

    4. George Santos will resign

    5. Woke fatigue sets in

    Already happening. People like Elon Musk are opening speaking against it. Border security is finally being discussed.

    6. Republicans inch back to center

    2022 Election cycle makes them adjust. Less abortion restriction talk. Less Trump (he'll be back in 2024, though).

    7. US politicians start to work together again

    Their polling and trust with the American people has never been lower. It's a clown show. Pelosi has relinquished power. McConnell could be next.

    The younger politicians, while as ambitious as ever, do a better job of reading the tea leaves and know they may struggle to live off the government teat and stay elected if they don't act in the better interest of their constituents.The Speaker of the House voting showed many from both sides speaking to one another.

    This is an ambitious take...

    8. Joe Biden approval ratings go up a lot

    Last year he bottomed out. Can't do much worse. Ukraine situation has strengthened US ties with Europe. If inflation subsides and economy doesn't go in too bad a recession (normal people don't lose their jobs, US Tech companies are different) Sleepy Joe will have some momentum into 2024.

    9. Talk of Kamala stepping down for 2024

    This is my big prediction. Pete Buttigieg becomes VP running mate. Or Harris steps down in 2023 to spend more time with family. This scenario would setup my Dark Horse prediction...

    10. 2024 Prediction - Biden/Buttigieg win. Trump spoils Ron's momentum

    They will take a similar play that Yeltsin/Putin took in 1999... Biden retires, Buttigieg takes over and gets his shot. This could happen this year, similar to what happened with Putin. If he does a good enough job, he can be elected on his own in 2024.

    Democrats are aided in their effort after Trump plays spoiler. During the Republican primary, he makes a mockery of Ron DeSantis. Dirt comes up on Ron and people start to learn more about his past and question his future.

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