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25 catchup ideas blast

Catching up with a list of 25 random ideas for 10 ideas per day (max number is 25 ideas on here)

    1. Amazon/Whole Foods "mobile scan and go for prime members."

    Whole Foods/Prime customers can opt in for a "scan an item and go" system from their mobile device - good for rapid grocery shopping

    2. Mobile vending machines

    3. Documentary about "fracking nomads."

    Groups of frackers are somewhat nomadic, would be great to see how they live.

    4. VR Presidential Libraries

    Explore Presidential Libraries from anywhere in VR

    5. Google Drone Maps

    Next level "Google Maps." Instead of ground level vehicles that went around the world, drones that capture the world in 3d. Also, possibly currently outdone by satellites

    6. Gun Chipping

    Chips on every new gun in America for lawful ownership to help with gun right management. Older guns would be grandfathered.

    7. Android or Apple, NFT connected wallpaper images

    Android or Apple allow you to use verified NFT's as wallpapers through blockchain tech

    8. List of jokes for rideshare drivers

    9. Consumer one use "camera pill"

    A camera pill any person can swallow that goes through the entire digestive system so they can see what happens. One use - not for the faintable, not sure if even possible.

    10. "drone air vacuum"

    A home drone that also acts as an "air vacuum" with daily trips around the house that either "sprays scent" or "cleans air." Probably can partner with company like Febreze. Mix between Roomba, Drone, and a air sanitizing company.

    11. "dilapidated building artist"

    Art project for a very ambitious artist who turns dilapidated buildings/offices into massive art works. Probably needs to cut a real estate deal or something.

    12. Live daily keyword updates

    Search engine that shows or examines live keyword search updates.

    13. "contact me cards"

    Forget business cards, everyone can have a "contact me card" just to make friends

    14. "niche city tours"

    celebrity house tours and haunted places tours are obvious examples. What else?... Possibly make a list some time. Famous movie location tours probably already exists too.

    15. Headstrap stand post for mobile devices or readers

    Strap a post to your head while laying down that can also hold your mobile device or reader above your head. (want to double check the attachments hold so the devices dont fall on face!)

    16. Data driven electric brush

    What data can an electric toothbrush receive that would be helpful?

    17. "Solar Tap Water Purifier"

    Not positive of the science behind this, but survivalists say you can purify water by leaving it in a bottle in the sun in emergency situations as a last resort. Maybe there is some sort of tube you can leave outside that collects water and purifies it along with filters and it goes into your house? For true conservationists. Or maybe you can collect up to a gallon of tap water in it and its a tube that extends outside the door. Perhaps use a temperature gauge or some type of evaporation system to determine drinking safety.

    18. "fruit/wax chapstick maker"

    Not sure what chapstick is made of - wax? Machine that lets you mix various fruits and wax for natural homemade chapsticks. Probably brief shelf life.

    19. "Tik Toks into Gif collectives"

    Turn your tiktok video into a "gif" and distribute it to a website that can turn your gif into a potential popularly used one.

    20. nose tickler to make you sneeze

    21. bedside mobile device holder clamp

    22. "for your eyes only mobile glasses"

    glasses that sync with a phone that only lets you see

    23. NFT Dispenser

    Like a "jukebox" but for NFT sales.

    24. "manufacture on demand" for action figures

    Like Amazon print on demand books/shirts but for plastic action figures

    25. Bus stop remodeling artist

    Remodel or design bus stops

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