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3 Unique Idea Generation Techniques

Need more ideas? Read on to see how to get some.

    1. Combine "Idea Sex" with "Brainstorming" to create "Idea Orgies"

    James Altucher talks about idea sex - combining existing ideas to create new original ideas. Let's have idea sex with this sexy idea by combining it with another very popular technique for idea generation.

    Get a friend or a whole group of friends (people who love ideas) and get everyone to produce a list of 5 idea sex ideas (idea combinations that would be interesting or cool).

    Once everybody has their list, discuss in a brainstorming "there is no bad idea, say what's on your mind, no negative judgement" session, ways in which these ideas could be combined from different lists to make an even stranger, more unique idea. If you are doing this over zoom, using a shared google doc can make it so all the ideas are written down and not forgotten.

    This will produce a lot of very bad, unusable ideas, but given some time may produce a small number of AMAZING ideas that can change the world and make you and your friends very wealthy.

    2. Use random word generators

    Find a random word generator online and generate 5 pairs of words. For each of the pairs, find an idea inspired by the pairing.
    For example, I just tried this and got:

    Food, Replacement
    Error, Truth

    The first pair sounds like a food replacement service - maybe an app that allows me to trade my surplus of soon to expire eggs with your surplus of milk that you will not be able to drink in time before spoiling.

    The second could be the name of a history quiz where you have to find the historical inaccuracies. This could be used by teachers and pupils as homework. And maybe it could be written by AI after having learnt with all the worlds history books.

    3. Mindfulness Meditation Idea Generation

    There are many forms of meditation but the classic mindfulness meditation involves closing your eyes and trying to focus only on the feeling of your breath. Naturally your mind will wonder and think about other things but when you notice you have stopped paying attention to your breath, you just calmly, refocus your attention on your breath. The idea is to train yourself to notice what your mind is doing.
    When you notice your mind has wondered away from your breath, open your eyes and write down what you were thinking about. Then close your eyes and carry on with the meditation. Your thoughts may be mundane such as plans for the future or it might have a more significant meaning, something that is annoying you, something you are worried about - maybe something you can solve with an idea! You may end up surprising yourself. And if you don't get any ideas, you'll at least be one step closer to enlightenment!

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