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3 Ways to Make Walking More Productive

Many people don’t realize that walking in itself is a good use of time.

Everyone should be walking at least a few thousand steps a day for health reasons.

But combining walking with activities that help you in other areas makes it even more powerful.

Here are three suggestions for productive activities to stack on top of your daily walks:

    1. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks while you walk

    I listen to over an hour of podcasts per day and learn from of the smartest people in health, fitness, finance, self-improvement, and technology.

    Almost all of this happens while I’m walking.

    I’ve come to love podcasts so much, I rarely listen to music anymore.

    2. Make phone calls while you walk

    You can use your walking time to take work calls or connect with people on the phone that you might not normally speak to.

    This helps you build and strengthen important relationships in your life.

    I call my mom every day while on my morning walk with my daughter.

    3. Work in some intense exercise while you walk

    Walking is great low-intensity activity. But it’s also good to mix in more intense, anaerobic exercise at least two or three times a week.

    At some point in your walk, you can do a few sets of intense exercise, like pushups, burpees, or sprints.

    Bonus tip: If there is a hill on your walk, sprint up it! Hill sprints are one of the best forms of intense exercise you can do.

    4. All of these habits add up

    Set aside an hour a day for walking and you’ll find you can get a lot more done during this time.

    Compounded over a few months, you can work in countless phone calls, hundreds of hours of education and dozens of short workouts into your daily walks.

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