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Bill Bergeman


30-Day Challenge Ideas For September

The purpose is to establish a positive, effective habit that continues every day beyond September.

    1. Invest 30 minutes a day practicing mettā/loving-kindness.

    H/T to Tashin Fogleman.

    2. Write a minimum of 1,000 words a day for a book to be published on October 1.

    3. Watch the sunrise and the sunset every day.

    4. Do 1,000 pushups every day.

    5. Write at least 20 ideas a day instead of 10.

    Doubling down on NotePD.

    6. Publish one article per week on Medium.

    7. Be a little bit kinder to everyone today than I was yesterday.

    There is no effective way to measure this progress other than how I feel and how people respond to me...which is enough.

    8. Use Twitter to effectively connect with interesting people.

    There's a lot of promise and peril with Twitter. I rarely touch my account, but I see a path toward using it regularly and in a positive manner to connect with interesting people.

    9. Publish one 500-word blog post every day.

    Like Twitter, I rarely touch my website and let my blog lapse years ago.

    10. Invest at least one hour per day to let my mind wander in pure curiosity.

    No technology devices are allowed.

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