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30 things about my sublet gone wrong - Weed, threats and domestic violence

My landlord agreed to let me sublet my apartment while my girlfriend and I are gone for a month. He regrets it.

This is just some public journaling. Not much value other than (maybe) some mild entertainment.


    1. My very fine upstairs neighbor told me he could smell their weed inside his place

    2. He went down to let them know and they denied smoking

    Even though my neighbor could see their ashtray.

    3. When I texted the subtenants about it, they denied it (in a rude way)

    4. He went down about three times in a few days

    5. I didn't even know there was a guy, the agreement was just for one girl

    6. Oh and she mentioned being pregnant

    which provided her with a good way to lie about the smoking.

    7. The guy (who's staying with this girl) threatened my neighbor on the street

    8. and spat towards his door

    9. My neighbor wanted to avoid trouble and decided to leave it be...

    10. until he heard the guy beat the woman

    11. So he called the cops

    12. The cops searched the mini garden

    Probably thinking they tried to hide the weed or something.

    13. The cops said it was a mess

    14. Oh and the cops said they broke something

    15. The guy took a picture with the cops and gave them the finger (which they saw) but they let him go, while the girl went to the municipality to sign something

    16. So at this point we had to let my landlord know about it

    17. My landlord and I agree that we need to kick them out

    18. and my neighbors are afraid for their own safety

    19. If my neighbor confirms he's fine with it, I will let them know they must be out by Wednesday evening

    20. If they're not, my landlord and I will show up on Thursday morning with the cops

    21. My landlord and I are both abroad right now and happen to both get back on Wednsday evening

    I hope I can be back early enough.

    22. but I would only get back for this and need to be in Rome the next day to catch a flight

    In Belgium right now, heading to another country from Rome via Istanbul on Thursday.

    23. Oh and the guy has a criminal record

    24. My landlord and neighbor are angels

    They're super understanding, not mad at me. I did have my landlord's permission for the sublet, but still.

    25. Day two of the misadventure: The subtenant says she doesn't want to leave and has the right to stay there

    26. I just learned subletting is not really allowed in Italy

    27. I don't know if that means I can get in trouble or if it means the whole thing is meaningless

    28. I dared text a lawyer I briefly met once last month to know if he thinks I'm in trouble

    I don't like doing this but my girlfriend and I are very stressed hahaha.

    29. Oh and my neighbor saw the guy dealing weed

    30. but he wants to stay out of it because of receiving threats so I can't really mention that

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