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365 Days of Lists

I find it hard to believe that I have created lists for 365 days. I've marked a few milestones along the way, equally incredulous that I've hit them. Why does NotePD work so well?

    1. Community

    There have been others whose journey I've followed and who have followed mine. They have kept me accountable, they've commented and messaged, they've inspired me with list ideas and challenges. And the community, as a whole, has been warm and welcoming. I'm grateful to everyone who has kept me going and without them even knowing, pushed me along. Just over a year ago @JamesAltucher posted on Twitter about the power of lists and this new app. I signed up. I never thought I had 365 lists in me but I did. Big thank you James, and @paolo for creating this app and website for us.

    2. Streaks

    I am quietly competitive. Targets motivate me. Being on the leaderboard has made me create a daily list. I know it might not work for everyone but it works for me.

    3. A starting point

    NotePD is a place to try out ideas. To put something together that might be repurposed elsewhere, perhaps as a longer form piece. Until I've written a list, I don't always know where it might take me. I'm often surprised by what comes up.

    4. Surprising

    When I look back on old lists, I often don't remember creating them. Sometimes I'm amazed at what I wrote.

    5. Simplicity

    NotePD is a simple idea executed well. I'm not sure about @AI_JamesAltucher but, apart from that, NotePD makes creating a daily list very easy. And sustainable.

    6. Other ideas

    I'm always amazed by the breadth of ideas. And how prolific many people are. Sometimes I'm scraping the barrel, other times I'm in flow. There are so many ideas to contemplate.

    7. Habit

    Writing my daily list has become a habit. Even my husband now asks me whether I've remembered to do my list. I prefer writing in the morning but it's not always possible. Creating a list has become embedded in my day.

    8. My very first list

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