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5 Harsher Truths About Anxiety

My original "10 Harsh Truths About Anxiety" list was quite gentle. This one's a little more direct.

Ten years ago I was an angry, anxious mess. This is the article I needed to read back then.

5 Harsher Truths About Anxiety

    1. Your diet fuels your anxiety

    This is so obvious it's stupid. Yet so many people ignore it. It's infuriating.

    Some people would rather SUFFER ANXIETY every single day than simply adjust the foods they eat.

    A perfect diet won't make anxiety go away, but eating healthy, natural foods (consistently) will lower the symptoms of anxiety more than you can imagine.

    If you lack control over what goes into your mouth, how do you expect to control what goes through your body and mind?

    Your diet one of the few measurable defenses you have against anxiety.

    Clean it up.

    2. Anxiety damages your body even more than your mind

    The mental side of anxiety is torture, but your body gets it worse.

    Your heart beat increases. Your breath is rapid. You're flooded with stress hormones. Your nerves go haywire.

    Your body is preparing you to run from a lion.

    But you're not running from a lion. You're writing an email. Or filling out a spreadsheet. Or literally doing nothing.

    Imagine taking a car onto the freeway in first gear. The engine shrieks. The RPMs go crazy. This might kill the engine.

    That's what anxiety does to your body.

    Learn to burn the energy better.


    When you exercise consistently, your body has less energy to burn on nonsense.

    3. Anxiety won't heal itself

    If you do nothing, your anxiety won't get better.

    You need to take daily action. Consistently.

    You need to face your inner demons.

    Don't look away. Stand brave. Look them in the eye.

    You're stronger than they are.

    Know that you can do it.

    4. Consistency is key

    There's a reason I used the word "consistently" in each of the three examples above.

    This isn't a "I'll do such-and-such for a little while and then I'll be forever cured!" situation.

    This is a "I will do this every day" situation.

    Most good things in life require consistent action. Anxiety reduction is no different.

    Take consistent action.

    5. Life is still painful, even without anxiety

    I kicked away anxiety four years ago (before the pandemic, thankfully).

    Yes, life is better without anxiety, but I still feel pain.

    I have moments of confusion, heartbreak, anger, loneliness, and fear.

    Sometimes life hurts. I've lost friends and loved ones. I've made mistakes. I cry.


    Pain is handled with more grace. And I find more beauty in it.

    When anxiety is gone, I feel a lot more of the good stuff:

    Joy, laughter, love, togetherness, beauty, bliss.

    Those are all great.

    But the other stuff exists too.

    Life just hurts sometimes.

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