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4 things that work for me when I'm not working.

Technology is often accused of distracting us. But it can also be an excellent lever to improve our quality of life.

What kind of leverage do you use?

    1. Automation Tool

    I prepare my content in advance, and the tool dispatches it every day, even when I'm not working. ( not possible yet in NotePd :)

    2. Content Creation

    When a prospect contacts me, I always ask, "How did you find me? ". The answer is, "I read a blog you wrote." These articles are sometimes over six months old.
    The content works for me when I am not working.

    3. Scheduling Software tool

    In my coaching business, I offer a free initial discovery exchange. My prospects make appointments automatically when I am not working.

    4. Investment

    I use almost exclusively one ETF (Exchange Trade Fund). It replicates the world index by gathering more than 4000 of the best companies in the world. I take 30 minutes a month to monitor my finances. The rest of the time, the market works for me.

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