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5 Ideas to Reduce Media Consumption

In this ever connected world, it is easy to lose a sense of proportion in the midst of fear mongering news programs, sensationalist celebrity gossip, or the mindless abyss of social media scrolling. Sometimes it helps to step away and realize that the world as it's presented by the media entities isn't reality.

    1. Read Books That Expand Your Perception of What’s Possible

    You can always start by finishing the books that are collecting dust on your bookshelf! A well written book presents the distilled wisdom that the author accumulated without you having to do the legwork yourself.

    Biographies, if written from an honest perspective, will show you a person's flaws and failures as well as their triumphs. A good work of fiction can display truths about the human condition that are rarely shown in the latest click-bait articles online.

    2. Don’t Visit a Website Unless You Know the Exact Type of Content You’re Seeking Out

    Right now, I'm here on Notepd.com because I am writing this very list. Lately, I am trying to be more conscious of the content I'm putting into my brain. Browsing one video on YouTube can easily lead to me watching twenty more if I don't deliberately stop myself.

    Be more mindful of the content you consume. Follow creators that you feel are adding tangible benefit to your life, but always take care not to fall into mindless clicking or scrolling just to fill empty time.

    3. Prioritize Learning and Creating Before Consuming

    I believe when we learn worthwhile skills and use them to create better lives for ourselves and those around us, we get a little closer to becoming fulfilled individuals.

    4. Prioritize Creating Over Learning

    Am I saying that learning isn't necessary in the process of creating something new? Absolutely not!

    What I am trying to say is that it can be easy to fall into a trap of seeking out new articles and videos on a subject when you've already learned enough to experiment on your own. Most things you want to get good at usually only have a few fundamentals that you need to practice over time to perfect.

    Watching an interview from a seasoned marathon runner may give you some insights, but won't replace you lacing up your running shoes and jogging outside.

    5. Understand That You Only Have 24 Hours a Day and You’re Usually Only Awake for 16 of Them

    A day is 24 hours long. Assuming that you sleep for 8 of them, work another 8, and spend another 2 hours for eating and bathing, you only really have 6 hours of free time.

    Is binge watching a series that you don't really like on Netflix, following the latest celebrity feud, or trying to comprehend the latest act of the political circus really a good use of this precious time?

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