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5 Lessons Chess Can Teach About Life

Just like @JamesAltucher many prominent and creative thinkers have come to love the game of Chess.

I enjoy playing as well, especially while listening to podcasts, books, and music.

Here are 5 Lessons I've about Life β™Ÿβ˜€οΈπŸŒ•

5 Lessons Chess Can Teach About Life

    1. Big Moments Define Life

    It may be an important meeting, a first date, or a chance encounters, certain moments alter the direction of your life.Β 

    This means that you can go far by doing your best to prepare for your Life's big moments. Get your sleep, redo your research, and bring good vibes.

    2. Act Fast

    Sometimes it's better to make a slightly worse move in the chessboard, then to take your time dissecting every possible move available, wasting precious time.

    This is also usually true in life. Much better to get started on a project or habit than to wait until you have everything you think you need to begin or waiting for the perfect moment.

    3. Sacrifice Small to Win Big

    Sometimes you've got to sacrifice a pawn to get your opponents queen.

    Sometime you have to sacrifice a certain relationship, a certain vice, or your comfort to achieve your goals and live your best life.

    4. Every Piece Has It’s Role

    Every peace on the chess board serves a unique specific role which can be used as your advantage.

    So too can the undesirable situations in life can have their positives, like developing discipline or cultivating gratitude.Β 

    5. Think a Few Steps Ahead

    Just like how you need to forsee your opponents next moves to setup the perfect Checkmate, you also need to see ahead where the world is going in the next decade to capitalize on revolutionary trends and innovations.

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