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5 no bs ways to burn more calories

Here are 5 simple (not easy) habits to incoporate in your daily life to limit weight gain and perhaps even shed a few pounds.

Disclaimer: The body is a complex system, these are general guidelines

    1. The parking lot game

    Everytime you drive somewhere, instead of following your instinct and rushing to the closest parking spot, do the opposite and find the spot furthest away from the place you are going! the average adult takes less than 6.000 steps a day, this little game will boost that number - every step counts

    2. Standing desk

    If you have an office job this applies to YOU. your body uses up to 70 extra calories per hour standing compared to seating at your desk! I don't know about you, but I think that's worth simply getting Off your chair.

    3. Take the stairs

    Skip the escalators and elevators , and take the stairs! it all adds up over the cours of days, weeks and months!

    4. Play more

    You love cardio right? oh you don't - well most of us don't, but I bet you loved throwing hoops or playing soccer as a kid, these playful activities also gets you moving and can be great fun. its also a nice way to spend some time with your kids (or friends)

    5. Build some muscle

    Now, it's very hard to find hard scientific data on the exact Amount of calories muscle burns, but all anecdotal and person data suggests having more muscle increases the amount of calories one can consume without gaining weight.

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