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5 steps to build your life plan.

Don't just build your career, build your life.

People come to the end with a lot of regrets.
Make an impact when you can. That means NOW.

    1. 1/Define your different roles.

    You are more than your job. I'm a husband, a dad, a son, a brother, a friend, an athlete, an investor, a content creator, a coach...

    2. 2/Prioritize your roles.

    Prioritization gives clarity. Clarity brings simplicity. Simplicity brings change

    3. 3/How do you want to be remembered?

    I've read over 350 books on personal development, used dozens of tools, and writing my eulogy is one of the most powerful exercises I made.
    It's not easy, but it brings so much.

    4. 4/Where are you? and where do you want to go?

    This is when you recognize the actual, define where you want to go, and measure the gap. Your life plan is here.

    5. 5/Do it.

    You have your big picture, it's time to turn it into action. Take your agenda and prioritize non-negotiable time slots over the next three months to move your projects forward.

    Adjust, modify, and adapt along the way.

    6. A book to go further: Living Forward by Daniel Harkavy and Michael S. Hyatt

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